Anniversary of Yet Another “Pandemic” (March 2020-2021)

It’s ten years ago since the last fake pandemic (H1N1 Swine Flu). Itself the last in a series of fake pandemics.

It’s also a year ago since the present “pandemic” burst into Western psyche.

Again the public is being misled, deceived. But this time also subjected to tyrannical diktat in the name of pseudo-science. It’s fast catapulted us from our ordinary everyday lives into a dystopic real-life science-fiction film. Yet we could return to normal tomorrow. Simply by refusing to partake in the the mass testing of healthy individuals, dropping the performance theatre dress code, not switching the television on, and cancelling any newspaper subscriptions for the rest of the year.

Let’s be clear though. Yes, there’s a new fifth coronavirus that’s entered the human population, and yes, it’s ~2.5x more aggressive than influenza for the very elderly and frail. But thank heavens ~2.5x less aggressive for the young, with everyone else in between, around the same. If you’re under 65 and have no underlying health conditions, you can forget about the virus immediately. Instead worry more about looking both ways when crossing the street, or drunk drivers on a Saturday night.

Yes, it’s causing excess mortality. And yes, it’s putting pressure on pockets of the healthcare system in many countries. And yes, it may be the worst “flu” in decades.

The answer was always that we learn to live with it. Like the other seasonal viruses, it will reach “endemic equilibrium herd immunity”.

It should only ever have been treated as a very bad flu season, with some corresponding mitigation measures put in place (e.g. work from home if possible, testing on entry to care homes etc.).

Going beyond that was, and still is, a mixture of buffoonery, greed, politics and power. And also possibly, pre-planned societal reengineering, although I hope not.

Let’s be clear. Notwithstanding the excess mortality, it’s a hoax pandemic. If it wasn’t for people dressing up in fancy dress costume and the television, we’d hardly notice it. At most we’d saying “that’s a fu**er of a flu season” and “some folks have got horrible symptoms from the flu this year”. The virus is relatively benign. It’s not SARS or Ebola.

Government measures will far most likely cause more Years of Life Lost (YLL) than the virus itself. YLL is a more accurate and meaningful measure than deaths.

By late April 2020, it had become clear to the West that the virus was ~40x less lethal than Chinese data had indicated in February and that it was only of concern to a tight, easily identified, demographic of the population.

I still recall the palpable disappointment on the face of Bill Gates during an interview as Western data had become available. He’d stated weeks prior that 7 billion vaccine doses would be required and that even newborns would need to be vaccinated. Obviously, a clairvoyant.

Unfortunately, it was an American election year. Coronavirus quickly became the key political instrument to be played by the Democrat party. Worse, for reasons I do not know, the Democratic party, mainstream media corporations, global organizations (like the WHO), and Big Tech colluded to get Trump out. The effort managed to pour rocket-fuel on fear and help propel nonsense narratives, like governments could control the virus. The orange man was subsequently cast as killing on mass by not following “science”, whilst Democrat governors stacked nursing homes with positive patients.

Trump is a very polarizing figure. So the half of the public polarized against him and subsequently deeply invested and wholeheartedly into the politicization of coronavirus and of “science”. They rallied behind the nonsense, and even bought into the fancy dress for the occasion. It was a spectacle like no other.

The media continued unabated as if the original Chinese data still held true, maybe simply because of the old adage ‘if it bleeds, it leads’. No refresh was performed based upon the great news. There wasn’t a single blip of relief in the media that it was not a threat to children, that the infection fatality rate was very low, e.g. for my age group ~0.02%.

As we approached and got into summer 2020, new “scientific” papers emerged to lend legs to the charade. But were in fact closer to political pieces. I only hope that these were to get funding rather than something more nefarious.

In parallel throughout, Big tech immediately (March 2020 onwards), instituted increasingly aggressive censorship of lawful content. Shadow banning, throttling content, de-platforming users, skewing conversations and information algorithmically. All without any attempt at transparency, in order to better fit and certainly to block, any counter narratives to those being broadcast by left-leaning media (that is, the majority of media).

Big tech came out of the left field, as the arbiter of science and medical information. It claimed it was censoring, banning, and weighting algorithms to protect users from “medical misinformation”.

I experienced big tech (LinkedIn in particular) censoring eminent scientists leading in fields relevant to coronavirus, even de-platforming users, simply for quoting verbatim the “wrong” scientists if deemed to be counter to fear or more specific Democrat-sanctioned narratives. There was no limit to the twaddle that the media could publish as headline news and big tech would not censor it, if it fit the narratives. Be it corona can be spread by farting, to you can catch it from toilet seats, it was all a go.

If there wasn’t enough going on, shockingly, ordinary individuals without sufficient qualification, took it upon themselves to use social media to catapult their career and notoriety, (e.g. Eric Ding) or “growth hack” their company (e.g. Tomas Pueyo), by running unabated with the ‘fear’ and ‘politicians could control the virus’ type narratives. They amassed a significant audience, which took it upon itself to “police the Internet” and in doing so report others to big tech. Namely those who too strongly questioned the narrative/s, or posted science which ran counter.

I won’t even start on the introduction of “fact checkers”, low-paid staff who I’ve witnessed settle 100 year old scientific debates in minutes, primarily by deriving a consensus from browsing left media articles, thus only representing political censorship by proxy. The very notion of omniscient “fact checkers” is an insult, a degradation of common intelligence, and the ~200-year Enlightenment period.

This minute for example I could post on LinkedIn (that is, if they had not suddenly pulled my account for reasons still inexplicable):

“Please get vaccinated so that you will never get coronavirus or any other virus or any other illness again in your lifetime” and it would not face any account restrictions, nor would I face a ban. It wouldn’t even be labeled (nor reported) as “medical misinformation”.

Neither would “New variant is x1000 times more deadly”. Or “Don’t send children back to school, it could kill half the teacher population”.

But I know from experience if I was to post from an accepted scientific paper by an eminent scientist, something as mild as “increase indoor humidity to decrease COVID-19 risk”, I may face being de-platformed, and at the least have the post removed under the guise of “medical misinformation”. LinkedIn informed me that they have a platform-wide policy that environmental factors do not influence COVID-19 outcome, although science is pointing otherwise. When has a social media platform in the West ever got so vested, so involved, in minutiae of user conversations before?

When deaths “disappeared” during summer, ramping up PCR testing, along with a ludicrous cycle threshold (>=40), came to the rescue to sustain the theater, as did “Long Covid” later in summer. By Christmas, it was “The Variants“.

All along the goal posts to remove restrictions have been moved. Remember, back in spring, the “two weeks to flatten-the-curve”? Even the British and American governments stressed back then that the area under the graph (deaths) would remain the same. The idea was just to move some deaths forward by months so that extra deaths would not be caused by any lack of healthcare capacity.

Back then even the most bold-faced liar and political snake Tony Fauci would speak the truth on occasion. I’ll leave aside the issues of bullshit tests, bullshit case and death accounting, bullshit contact tracing, bullshit masks, and pickup on a cornerstone to prop the theatre. Namely asymptomatic transmission. Fauci correctly said back then:

“In all the history of respiratory-borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person.”

Indeed. The only data that indicated asymptomatic transmission as a core driver was from China (or meta-analysis which incorporated Chinese data). Asymptomatic transmission as core driver is bullshit. Go figure why the British government is spending millions of taxpayer money on a media blitz to send the message ‘act like you’ve got it’, in an attempt to get individuals without any symptoms to act like they are infected with SARS-CoV-2.

So where are we today, at the start of spring 2021? Much of the same, but worse. I write this from a country under lockdown and curfew since October 16, 2020. A country with one of the worst epidemiological pictures in the world, a situation that developed AFTER the restrictions were put in place.

There are now experimental vaccines, still on their trial phase, and there’s rapidly increasing government coercion to subject oneself to receiving one. I’m 44, so ~0.02% infection fatality rate. That’s not even worth taking the best proven medical treatment for. Every medical treatment carries risk. But an experimental vaccine? To confer a narrow immunity for a limited time (~6-12 months)? And for an efficacious rate that will I think will be proven over time to fall into line with flu vaccines (around 50%)?

No. I want the broad-spectrum immunity conferred by natural infection. I want the immunological challenge so that I’m likely to be in a safer place if and when a SARS-CoV-3 appears.

First and foremost, I don’t want to damage to my innate immune response by a vaccine (somewhat likely).

(The idea of subjecting my children to a vaccine they do not need, and would only face risk from, is unthinkable.)

Second, I have concerns about pathogenic priming and antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

Third, a list of a myriad of more minor concerns like a severe allergic reaction to the nanoparticles of polyethylene glycol (PEG).

It would also seem illogical for me not to wait for longitudinal data, not short-term data and from very limited cohorts.

Besides, why an experimental vaccine, only permitted for emergency use on the basis that no viable therapeutics exists, when it appears that there are such therapeutic candidates (particularly prophylactic – ivermectin top of list)?

My risk assessment is that I’d be far better to pursue a lifestyle to abate chronic low-grade inflammation (i.e. focus on cessation of smoking, sugar, highly-processed carbohydrates etc.).

But instead, I’m already being pressured to surrender my bodily autonomy, my own risk-assessed protection of my health, to the government, in exchange for inalienable rights like travel, or even to see my own young daughter just a drive away (on the other side of an EU border which prior to spring 2020, didn’t even have a manned border).

If the situation wasn’t already whacky enough, in the past week I’ve had the British Queen say that we are selfish if we do not get vaccinated. She assures us that it’s fine because the needle did not hurt her. I’ve also had Dolly Parton sing and parade on television stating “don’t be chicken squat get out there and get your shot”. And yesterday I had Lord Sumption suggest that we should get vaccinated to make others FEEL less afraid and to wear masks not because they are effective, but to help allay the fear of others. The fear intentionally and officially fanned by the British government.

Each week, sometimes even each day, brings new twists and turns, and levels of surrealism. It’s the upside-down world of Alice in Wonderland.

The other day I went to get blood tests, not because I’m sick, but because I keep a close watch on an array of biomarkers, so I can detect any health issues early and potentially intervene. But the clinic had a queue out the door with healthy people seeking a coronavirus test. I decided not to go and stood there besides two white-coated phlebotomists on a cigarette break. They were discussing how dangerous coronavirus is, how it can strike anyone with death or permanent injury regardless of age or health status. On their f**k**g cigarette break.

What do I think the root of the problem is? I think that there is a number of interconnected factors.

I think that you have individuals who have acquired more money/power/influence over many critical aspects of global governance, and subsequently our lives, than that of many smaller governments combined.

I suspect from their media interviews that many of these individuals would be screened as positive for varying dark triad traits (narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism). Others are simply megalomaniacs who believe that it is their role to architect and bestow upon us how we should live our lives.

I have a suspicion that we have a major debt/currency problem, itself caused by five decades of institutional lies and deception. I question the sustainability of fiat currency and the petrodollar.

I suspect the well-played hand of China.

And I think the predominantly manufactured crisis has significant commercial interests, all vying for profit regardless of actual science or truth, and quite willing to distort both in the process. In fact, I strongly suspect that major corporations helped architect the crisis to begin with.

It’s big business and governments are printing money like Zimbabwe to pay for the present. People are not noticing the massive debt pilling up over the past year. Because the bill has not came in. It will be multi-generational affair to pay it off. Look forward to salaries that will buy you less and less.

We’ve mostly passed the debt to our children, though. Along with wrecked career prospects and a damaged education, whilst we encouraged them to experience hypoxia and risk bacterial infections by wearing cloth over their breathing apparatus for hours (without scientific reason). All that as they witnessed the adults in their lives performing mythologically based rituals complete with amulet to scare off Rona, surrendering democratic ideals and human rights in the process.

All at the request of tyrannical governments. Governments that have been turning the West to be like China at an astounding rate.

I do have an idea of what we could do to stop it. The flash point would be Public Health. That’s the lever being abused presently and set for worse abuses. If there’s sufficient interest, I’ll provide some details.

If we do nothing, I only see three trends ahead – corporate fascism, a technocratic medical tyranny and a warped Marxist collectivism.

I hope that I’m wrong.



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The above is a minor adaptation of a rant I quickly thumbed and sent as status update today on Telegram.

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