Should Children Get Vaccinated? — Dr Fauci vs Dr Lavine

Should Children Get Vaccinated? - Dr Fauci vs Dr Lavine

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Vaccinate Babies?

I woke to hear Anthony Fauci on broadcast television talk about scheduling to vaccinate children and babies! There is no logic or science to this. And every reason – scientific and moral – not to do this.

So I quickly looked up someone speaking science on the topic instead, found Jennie Lavine PhD, and placed her clip back-to-back with Fauci’s non-scientific clip, resulting in this combined two-minute video.

I extracted her clip from The British Medical Journal’s panel “Is Zero Covid possible?” (11 March, 2021).

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P.S. If you believe that asymptomatic spread is a core driver of the disease, it is not – learn here (PDF).


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