Identity Politics – Great Search for the Cheapest Possible Constituency — Eric Weinstein

“When you’re actually dependent on labor for your voter base, labour has economic issues. So this is the great search for something cheaper than labor. And identity turns out to be much cheaper than labor.
If you can get somebody to vote for you where you’re going to take their future, their security, and their retirement. But you’re going to celebrate the fact, you know, that they came from Laos – that’s a bad deal.
Nothing against the Laotians, but for God’s sake stand up for yourself as a worker before you stand up for yourself as somebody who needs to see Southeast Asia celebrated on the national stage – it’s not that exciting. Demand more from your representatives.
This is the great search for the cheapest possible constituency and that’s exactly why I think it’s happening.
I think it’s because the traditional Democratic voter base was too expensive, they wanted real change they wanted to participate economically, they wanted to participate at the level of power, and the donor base said is there isn’t there anything cheaper than labour and I think they found something.” — Eric Weinstein

The clip is from ‘Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web’ (Jan 30, 2019)

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