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Patrick Wood - Great Reset

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Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood is the director of Citizens for Free Speech and a leading expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy.

He is an economist by education and a financial analyst and writer by profession. Wood’s current research builds on Trilateral Commission hegemony, focusing on Technocracy, Transhumanism and Scientism, and how these are transforming global economics, politics and religion.

The NGO he founded, Citizens for Free Speech, aims to preserve free speech by encouraging local involvement of citizens, as well as to shine light on the aforementioned subjects.


Joshua Philipp

Hey, welcome back, everyone. There’ve been more and more stories about tech censorship, and also technology becoming basically the arbiters of free speech, free expression, and also having the ability to shut down competitors, it seems like, with Parler on a whim.

Now to learn more about this and the idea of technocracy, what we are possibly moving towards, we have here to speak with us, Patrick Wood. He’s the executive director of Citizens for Free Speech.

Hey, Patrick what a real great having you on.

Patrick Wood

Right. I’m glad to be with you, Joshua. Thank you.

Joshua Philipp

First of all, tell us what technocracy refers to.

Patrick Wood

This was an ideology, a system that started back in the early 1930s at Columbia University in New York City. Engineers and scientists at that time believed capitalism was dead. And that they and only they had some kind of a mandate to create a brand new economic system that was resource-based economic system that would control the entire economy.

They failed basically. It was a huge movement in the thirties and forties in America, North America – Canada as well. It kind of fizzled in the mid-forties as the economy recovered, capitalism was not dead.

But it came back to life in the early 1970s and it began to mature. And the global elite got hold of the concept, finally, that this resource-based economic system could be a very keen way to grab the resources of the world and kind of control the whole economic system.

And we’ve blossomed into that today. We see the fruit of this system today, all over, for instance, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset that they’re talking about right now. That basically is warmed over technocracy from the 1930s.

Joshua Philipp

So oftentimes we hear the Great Reset. A lot of people think, Oh, that’s socialist movement, or maybe it’s just some weird idea they have. Now, we don’t often hear people use the word technocracy, it’s more like a scifi term, like a dystopian term. How do these relate to each other?

Patrick Wood

Well, over the years the communist Marxist socialist meme has given way to the system of technocracy. I think it probably was best predicted by some Zbigniew Brzezinski back in 1970 [read ‘Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era‘].

And remember Brzezinski was the political scientist. He was a co-founder of The Trilateral Commission. He worked for Jimmy Carter as national security advisor. Brzezinski was the guy that brought Deng Xiaoping to America and solidified relationships with then communist China, which looked a lot like North Korea does today.

It was a train wreck by large economically, but as they brought China back into the world stage, they didn’t see China with the concepts of free market economics, for instance. They fed them with the with the ideology of technocracy. That caused a blending, if you will, for some time between the CCP and communism in general, and this technocratic system of social management, of total management of the economy and the people in it.

And so today we still see the trappings of communism around the world. We can see it in Russia. We can see it in China as well, and several other countries.

January 19, 2021

“… the communist Marxist socialist meme has given way to the system of technocracy”

Patrick Wood

Director, Citizens for Free Speech

But if you look deeper, you see that there’s a group of people, a core of engineers and scientists that are working to use high technology to capture the entire society, all of the people in it, and to control it, engineer the economic system.

Joshua Philipp

You mentioned the Great Reset and you know, this term, although it has been discussed openly by the World Economic Forum, it’s often mixed in with conspiracy theories. And so a lot of people think it’s conspiracy. How would you describe the idea of the Great Reset? Is it just something talked about within the World Economic Forum, is it an idea, is it an actual plan? Is it a conspiracy? How would you describe it?

Patrick Wood

Yeah, actually, it’s no conspiracy at all. Anybody can go to their website,, I believe, and read everything they’ve said. I haven’t [inaudible], tried to speculate what they mean, but it’s all there.

And Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum has written a couple of books and those books are very clear as well.

The concept, now, if you see all of the large global corporations jumping on this Great Reset idea, and in their mind, there’s trillions of dollars at hand, because if they are able to flip the economic system that we have today into a technocracy system or a resource-based system, then of that trillions of dollars, these guys want to line up and get a piece of that pie. That just makes perfect sense to me.

It’s like a feeding frenzy at the trout farm at the fishery, you know, all that, you throw the money out and everybody comes and chums for the money.

But this basically is tightly coupled with United Nations and its program of sustainable development. You’ll see that all over World Economic Forum literature. And sustainable development is a resource-based economic system. Energy is at the center of it always, it seems like.

And we can trace where Agenda 21, 2030 agenda and sustainable development came from. Basically it was fed to the United Nations by the original founders of this elite group, Trilateral Commission, back in 1973. Brzezinski was part of that by the way.

So we’ve kind of come full circle. We’ve had a couple of name changes along the way to promote marketing of these whole ideas. Originally technocracy was not a very good term for Americans. So they changed and they’ve called it sustainable development. They’ve called it smart growth in America. Now the World Economic Forum has a hold of it. They call it the Great Reset. It’s just picture the Green New Deal on steroids. That’s essentially what the World Economic Forum is talking about. And now all of the corporations of the world seem to be jumping on board.

Joshua Philipp

Now with this idea of this Great Reset or technocracy or whatever you want to call it. One of the big things we’re seeing right now in the United States is big corporations basically flexing their muscles and showing that they have the power to silence people, that they could deplatform the president of the United States himself.

To the extent that even foreign leaders like Angela Merkel in Germany are voicing their concerns about this as a precedent, an interesting turn, because you don’t, some people who don’t support Trump are concerned about him being deplatformed by this Big Tech. They’re also showing they can destroy companies pretty much on a whim, like what they did with Parler.

Does this align with this agenda? And if so, how does it align?

Patrick Wood

I hate to say it absolutely aligns perfectly, and it isn’t a total shock. It’s a surprise, but it’s not a shock that it was coming. We’ve seen this coming for a long time where the censorship, the exercise censorship of these big platforms has been increasingly worse. I spotted it probably five or six years ago, two years ago, or in 2018, three years ago, I was so alarmed at the collusion between these big platforms.

That’s what caused me to found the nonprofit organizations, Citizens for Free Speech. And now today we see the collusion is absolutely in the open. There’s no doubt about it now.

When three Big Tech companies of the biggest of the biggest, the Apple, Google, and Amazon can conspire to take down an entire operating company that happens to be a competitor as well, can take down a company like that in the course of one day, by just disappearing them from the app stores and from, you know, taking away the connections to their database and their processing power in the cloud. This is unprecedented, and they’re still hiding behind this idea of, Well, you know, they violated our policy rules. No, I’m sorry, this goes so far beyond any private property issues or anything else. This is just murder, really.

And we see that they’re basically thumbing their nose at the whole thing right now. Just say, well, you guys can complain out there, but, you know, Hey, we got the power, we’re on top. We will do what we want to do.

Joshua Philipp

Now this idea, again, of them censoring individual, censoring the president, deplatforming and pretty much destroying the business of Parler, at least for the time being.

One thing I’ve mentioned on my show is it does seem to be that this they’re able, they’re able to do this, but it has opened the doors, for example, for competitors to open their own businesses and build competing markets. I guess, first off, under this agenda, would that still be possible for competitors to come about? If you have enough money for it, or how would this work?

Patrick Wood

It’s going to happen. You know, there’s a lot of popups right now that have emerged and I think there’s going to be more.

The problem is, I think if you get too big. And like in the case of Parler, they were stripping users away from Twitter, primarily, not exclusively, primarily. When they got probably to the 15 to 20 million mark of users, these other social media companies probably got a little bit nervous. This is going in the wrong direction. We need to stop this before it gets too big.

January 19, 2021

“… you see all of the large global corporations jumping on this Great Reset idea, and in their mind, there’s trillions of dollars at hand, because if they are able to flip the economic system that we have today into a technocracy system”

Patrick Wood

Director, Citizens for Free Speech

And you know, I’ve said this probably many times over the last two or three years, that the populous movement in America, which elected president Trump, it could have been anybody, but they elected Trump. And they’re the ones that really are kind of moving back and forth amongst the social platform, this populous movement, it promoted populism initially.

Now the Big Tech companies are scared to death of the populist movement in America. And when Trump said, they’re not after me, they’re after you, there was some truth to that I believe.

And we see the oppression and the censorship coming, I guess, elements within that larger populous movement. And there’s obviously different flavors of people that are in the populous moment for different reasons.

But everybody seems to be a target right now to shut people up and keep the alternative narrative, that is the narrative that’s not their narrative, keep that suppressed. And that seems to be what’s happening here.

Joshua Philipp

Now back to the idea of technocracy and the Great Reset or whatever you want to call it, sustainable development. What would that actually look like? Imagine we have it right now, we’re living in this, you know, idea they’ve accomplished it. What would life look like?

Patrick Wood

There was a video that was sponsored. Well, at least it was associated with the World Economic Forum where a young lady from one of the Scandinavian countries was giving a little narrative and she didn’t own anything.

She said, I don’t own anything. I don’t own a house. I don’t know an apartment. I don’t own any, you know, even my clothes, my cooking, utensils, everything. I don’t own anything. I rent everything. And when I need it, I rent it. And it’s just in time, rental, you know, to get stuff in. If I need a Dutch oven, whatever, I can get it delivered to my door and rent it and send it away the next day. And I’m very happy, she said, it’s a wonderful life.

And the idea of the Great Reset is to decrease property rights and remove the concept of private property from the economic system altogether. You can just rent things.

It’s service thing, you know, like pay per view on anything that you might need.

The problem with this is pretty obvious in my view. Okay. So if I want to rent a car for a day, and it’s not my car, I rent it. Who does own all these things. Somebody’s got to own them in order to rent them.

This is a very dystopian view of a property-less society, where the people are denied having private property and the, let’s call it the global elite, the oligarchs, whatever, those giant companies end up owning everything and simply supplying all that stuff to the populus for a rental price.

This is not the economic system that America grew up on or knows today. This is altogether different. We’re predicated on private property rights as the basis for our economic system. The Great Reset sees that going away. They see everything basically consolidating into a system where they control the resources that are allowed to go into production.

And they dictate to the consumer what the consumer is allowed to consume.

Joshua Philipp

And so in other words, the big businesses themselves will be almost like the government. They will be the ones who can, they will be the only ones who own anything essentially. Is this accurate?

Patrick Wood

In a sense, yes. But you know, even back in the 1930s, it is interesting that they, the original framers of technocracy, they believed there was no need for government structure at all.

They believed that they could, could just control the economic system and thereby there would be no need to have a political system to make decisions for the people or with the people. They thought, hey, we could just do the whole thing. Everybody’s going to be happy.

If you go back and read all this Huxley’s book, Brave New World, which is also written in 1932, and technocracy was at Columbia, you’ll get an idea kind of, you know, what was in their mind when they developed the system.

To say they were egomaniacs, I think is an understatement, in my opinion, as I studied this originally, I don’t know how anybody could come up with this concept of, Oh, that’s, everybody’s going to go along with that. That’s just wonderful. You know, you’ll be happy. But they really believed that.

And they even appeal to president Roosevelt as he was seated as president to declare himself dictator and for the sake of instituting technocracy and they told him just dismiss Congress, get rid of Congress, you get rid of the Supreme Court too. We don’t need them. We’ll just create an organizational chart. You’ll appoint people, presidents, vice presidents, and directors and all that kind of stuff. And we’ll run the economic system and everything will be cool.

Joshua Philipp

And if we go back in history too, I understand that that was one of the pseudo frameworks of not national socialism, which is, or fascism, which was actually why Henry Ford supported it actually at that time, because it was a society organized like a factory. And of course he used the factory system. And so he liked that. Is this the same as fascism? Or is this different? How does this work?

Patrick Wood

I will contend personally that it’s still different than fascism as well. Although there are obvious similarities. So you can’t really argue, I wouldn’t argue too hard with anybody. They said, well, I think as fascism.

I would have a debate, but I wouldn’t really, I wouldn’t press it real hard. So I’m not sure it’s really material. The point of where this is going at. This point is scientific dictatorship. And I know you’ve expressed that for instance, as you’ve covered the whole concept in China of the social credit system that they have, and now the civilizational credit system or whatever it is they’re calling it.

This is going towards scientific dictatorship where the society is run by algorithm. This is a great danger. This is something that communism, socialism and fascism has never really seen before. On the other hand, I have to say that Adolf Hitler in Germany was very friendly towards the technocrats of that day.

And as soon as technocracy got established here, they also had a chapter in Germany. Hitler didn’t allow it to continue as a organization, but he embraced the technocrats in his operation to do the scientific engineering, statistical things that he had done that almost conquered the world.

The technocrats that came out of Nazi Germany after it was defeated, many of them, unfortunately, in my opinion, were brought to the United States under a top secret program that’s now been declassified, completely, called Operation Paperclip.

And they were inducted into the scientific structure in America and universities and NASA and national laboratories and so on. And they kind of brought this whole technocracy idea back where the engineers and scientists are running everything. But there was this this friendliness in Nazi Germany, which was labeled fascist, towards technocracy.

Joshua Philipp

Now a lot of people right now are concerned, given the censorship taking place on the internet, that one, their free speech can be taken away. And it already seems to be to a large extent accomplished as we speak right now that it’s very difficult. You can’t, there’s a lot of things you can’t say online right now.

That they face personal attacks, that they’re worried that their individual rights are going to be stripped from them. Now, this technocratic idea, does this also, in addition to targeting private property, target individual rights, or how does that work?

Patrick Wood

Absolutely. The idea of free speech has been at the heart of every inch of human progress. I believe since time began and especially in the last 200 or 300 years. All the discoveries, all of the economic progress and the ideas that we’ve had floated were all predicated on free speech.

When you curtail free speech, it becomes regressive to society. In other words, you’re going backwards when you start to censor. It’s the electronic book burning that we have today, is just like the book burning that happened in Nazi Germany.

Stuff is just disappearing from the internet, including the speech of people currently. In every revolution, Marxist or otherwise, or fascist. The first thing the revolutionaries do is they go in and they take over the media. I’ve seen it happen in my lifetime. Many, many times they take over the TV, they take over the radio stations, they take over the newspapers and if they don’t just squash them completely and kill them. I remember the protest at Epoch Times where somebody burned a printing press down.

But, you know, they come in and take over the communication mechanism of a country. And then they proceed with the rest of the revolution, the rest of the takeover. This is what’s happening in America right now with the attacks on the first amendment. Free speech is hanging by a thread.

January 19, 2021

“The idea of free speech has been at the heart of every inch of human progress. I believe since time began and especially in the last 200 or 300 years. All the discoveries, all of the economic progress and the ideas that we’ve had floated were all predicated on free speech.”

Patrick Wood

Director, Citizens for Free Speech

And the first amendment is hanging by a thread, consequently. And the people in that technocratic core are now Big Tech. They have a narrative that they want to put forth. That narrative is not our narrative. Therefore we must be silenced. And it doesn’t matter where the narrative comes from. It’s not exclusively a conservative issue versus some kind of a left wing guy in one of these companies.

You see people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for instance, who’s the big vaccine, kind of anti-vaccine or vaccine critic guy. He’s not conservative, he’s liberal, but he has been completely silenced by these organizations. They don’t want to hear an alternative narrative.

So they are squashing free speech in the process of shutting other people up from contradicting their own narrative.

Joshua Philipp

There’s an interesting dynamic here. Real quick for our viewers. Yeah. It’s actually Epoch Times, our printing press in Hong Kong was actually set on fire by masked individuals who we believe were tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

We’ve actually faced many things like this over the years, but you know, it’s interesting that on these tech platforms, a lot of them lured people in, they built their entire business model off of allowing people to have a forum, to connect and have discussions.

And now we see them implementing these different free speech laws, essentially from the business side, not from the government side.

And you know, this is, it’s an, it’s a dynamic we’re watching happen where even though we’re not living in a socialist state, the big businesses are essentially enforcing their own system of laws through the denial of services. And they’re leveraging their own pretty much monopolies over these services in order to punish people for violating things that aren’t technically illegal. It’s a very bizarre dynamic.

Now, I guess what I’m interested in hearing from you is, is there an agenda behind this?

And do you think these people are aware of an agenda if there is one?

Patrick Wood

Yes, I do believe there is an agenda behind it and I see it from several different aspects, one just by historical studies.

And second, you look at the concentrated attack on all five elements of the first amendment right now, they’ve all been under attack simultaneously.

It would be almost statistically impossible to get them all at the same time. You’ve got a expression of religion, free speech, freedom of the press, the right to assemble and the right to address a expect redress of grievances from the government. All four of those have been, or five of those have been shattered to pieces in the last year.

And the attack had started actually before that. Probably five, six years ago. So you see the attack on the first amendment. But at the same time, you see people like with the Economic Forum, for instance, Klaus Schwab does routine little video things on social media, as well as just on their own website, where he’s actually preaching this agenda openly to the corporate world, because he’s the founder and the highly respected guy of the World Economic Forum, where everybody goes every year, maybe they don’t know the WEF.

And they know the name Davos in Switzerland, where they all meet. It’s the crème de la crème of economic power that comes to the World Economic Forum conferences.

He’s openly preaching this right now. You know, I can’t call it a conspiracy anymore. It may have been at one time where they just were quiet about it, but now they’re openly advocating these policies. And they’re basically proud of the whole thing.

Really, they’re saying, this is the wave of the future. This is the fourth industrial revolution, and you just better get used to it because, Hey, you know, we know what we’re doing and we know better than you.

Joshua Philipp

I guess just last question. Now you have a pretty high level view of what’s happening with all this. Based on what you understand, what is the next step with these individuals in terms of carrying out this agenda? And also what can people do about it?

Patrick Wood

Wow, that’s the sixty-four-dollar question, isn’t it. We’re going to see a massive increase in surveillance and control in 2021. It’s already started with vaccine passports, with large companies setting their own policies in America. Even if they’re technically illegal or technically unconstitutional, it doesn’t matter. They’re doing it. Anyway.

These people that are doing this have adopted a lawless mentality, by the way, they don’t think the law applies to them anymore, but we’re going to see huge censor, not just censorship, but we’re going to see a huge increase in surveillance.

And what I call the total awareness society, where all the censors that are placed will track you. There was a story about Venice just recently in CNN travel, I think it was, that said, Venice now is tracking every visitor that comes to town. They know exactly where they are at all times.

They follow them around the city, step by step. They know everything, what country they came from, when they leave the city. This is like George Orwell on steroids, I have to say. So we’re seeing that come.

January 19, 2021

“We’re going to see a massive increase in surveillance and control in 2021. It’s already started with vaccine passports…”

Patrick Wood

Director, Citizens for Free Speech

And people have pointed at China for a long time, say, Oh, they got it bad over there. My friends, I say most of the technology that they are using over there originated here, but it was illegal to do it here. So they just gave it to China. Now it’s coming back to be re-imported into our country. We’re seeing now these very same concepts, ideas, patterns emerge in America.

And we’re that close from being trapped into this system. It is ultimately a scientific dictatorship. How can we get away from this? That’s the big question. When I started Citizens for Free Speech, which is, by the way, my concept was that people needed to return to local activism to get their eyeballs off of Washington, which is not going to save us out here, and focus on their local communities, their own school boards and water boards and city councils, and all of the other planning, commissions, et cetera, to drive the wokeness out of their own communities and get some kind of sanity back in and rebuild the fabric of America from the ground up.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything from the top down at this point that’s going to make a what’s worth of difference because these people are so integrated into government. The government is now promoting many of these technocratic programs that are really kind of capturing this right now.

So obviously they’re not going to come and rescue us. I think it can only be done on a local level and Citizens for Free Speech teaches people how to do that. That’s what we’re trying to do anyway.

Joshua Philipp

Hey, Patrick would great having you on, thank you.

Patrick Wood

My pleasure, Joshua.


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