Vaccine Passports — Do You View The Battle Is Over And Lost? Or Just Starting?

Patrick Henningsen

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During Episode 364 of Sunday Wire Radio Show, host Patrick Henningsen talked about the new globalized push for a “Vaccine Passport”.

However the recently constructed Great Firewall of the West kicked in and attempted to remove it from public discourse and core digital memory of humankind. The content was entirely lawful.

YouTube cited algorithmic detection of thought disobedience to one of our new, unelected global masters, the World Health Organization.

“disputes the efficacy of local health authorities or WHO guidance on social distancing & self isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance.”

An organization with a vast history of corruption, incompetence and mistakes.

The same organization that had informed governments worldwide as late as mid-January 2020, that “authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV)”. When in fact it had been spreading for months, and access to that truth had been shielded by political and financial interests.

I spent all of today creating a video to fit the audio. If it resonates with you, please considering sharing it with all your networks.

I’ve not asked people to share before. I don’t want to nag or nudge others. People will do what people will do. However on this occasion it deserves and needs to be shared.

I’ve also taken the unusual step and included a YouTube version to help with distribution. Based upon past experience, Big Brother will remove it and I may lose my third channel in the past 12 months. Please be aware that LBRY is the safest option. Download their app.

However I fully understand that Google surveillance tools are now installed as default on most phones worldwide, resulting in YouTube being of greater convenience.

Music:Art of Silence – by Uniq” is under a Creative Commons license.

Photos: Three black and whites of the unmasked woman at Brixton Station, London. Copyright Martin Geddes Photography. (Permission Obtained).

Other: Royalty free video footage, some seconds courtesy of Zeitgeist Film Series (Under Fair Use).


Patrick Henningsen ➝ 00:03

If you remember this time last week on this program, during this first segment, I talked about the vaccine passports and what an important issue that is.

And that issue accelerated a lot in the last seven days. And at quite a frightening speed. And there’s a lot of naysayers out there. Of course, if we even mentioned this a year ago, we were being called conspiracy theorists.

And people said, Oh, that’s never going to happen. We’re just- the lockdown is only for 15 days, three weeks to flatten the curve, save the health system from being overloaded. You remember all that? Does anybody remember all that?

Or have you had you RAM memory erased already? And if you have, I don’t blame you, a lot of people, it’s just, the overload is just too much and not everybody can withstand the avalanche of propaganda and information that people have been absolutely inundated with over the last 12 months.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 01:19

You know, I could spend a lot more time on the grand global cabal and you know, their machinations and we have in the past to some degree, but we also need to pay attention to what’s happening coming down the pipeline now, and what are the mechanisms in which it’s going to be implemented.

And then from that point, you can look and see, is there a way to intervene if you still have some citizenship left, to be able to intervene, to disrupt, to stop, to reject, to sideline, to vanquish, if you will.

Some of these absolutely dastardly programs, initiatives, and agendas that are literally being rammed up your nose right now. So one of those is the vaccine passport.

So how are they doing this? Very simple.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 02:18

So Britain and Greece, Greece is a soft target. You saw what happened during the financial meltdown in Europe. Greece got absolutely shafted and they could have, they would have been within their rights to leave Europe at that point. But they didn’t, they groveled back to Brussels.

And they became a surf nation of the poor South of Europe from that point forward, but they belong to the greater EU. So that gets them some honor in there or some prestige, I guess, but anyway, they didn’t learn their lesson, which is don’t bow to external pressure. So they’re a soft target. And of course their tourism industry has been decimated by COVID, by the lockdown, not COVID by the government lockdowns, let’s get it straight.

And so everybody wants, I mean, Greece needs the tourism money from the rich North and the rich North needs a compliant partner in crime. Well, enter Greece. So the UK have been behind the scenes quietly coordinating with Greece on a vaccine passport.

And of course the UK minister is, “Oh, of course, we’re not seriously considering this now.” And they just denied it every time they’re asked from December, January and early February.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 03:47

And so why they were denying it, of course, and saying, well, that’s not our plan. It’s not in the plan. We don’t do that, we don’t force medical procedures on [people], that’s not what we do. We’re British, we’re civilized.

And of course they were planning it all along. And it’s so far down the track. And by the way, if you’re in the United States, they’re doing it there as well. A number of States have already announced that it’s almost a certainty that there’s going to be a vaccine passport. They’re already advertising it. They’re putting out these these dumbed down and animated PSAs.

The entire LA County school district is signed up to this technocratic tagging, essentially treating you, treating the public like cattle, because if you opt into this program, that’s all you are. What do they do with cattle? They herd them, they vaccinate them.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 05:00

Sorry to be a little bit hardcore about it. But you know, if you really feel that you have no choice but to accept vaccinations for, supposedly against some virus that doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t affect your children. That quite frankly, you can’t bring yourself to find anybody who you know who’s died of it.

And supposedly it’s a global pandemic and they’re saying, Oh, but take this vaccine. We didn’t test it. We didn’t have time. It’s an emergency. This is a global pandemic.

You see the circular logic that’s at play here. They’ve got you in their little tumble dryer, propaganda and circular logic. No time to wait, no time to test, just take it, trust us and trust us.

And just ignore all of the lawsuits from here all the way to Timbuktu, just ignore all that. Don’t let the fact that we’ve lobbied the government to give us a legal immunity. So of course we can afford to do that because we’re big pharma and we’ve got the money and you, and we’ve got your politicians in our pocket. Thank you very much.

And we’ve got Tony Blair out there pushing it. Anything that Tony Blair is pushing, Tony Blair says the government needs a global vaccine regime and needs to be adopted by all the countries of the world. You know, that’s the red flag right there. That’s the red flag.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 06:42

Any bad idea, any bad policy. You’ll find that ghoul behind it. Forget about the red flag. It’s a black flag with a Jolly Roger on it.

These people are, they have billions of dollars. They’ve got politicians bought and paid for. They’re terrorizing the public with fear. They’ve got the media doing the job for them.

And now they’re basically saying you can’t travel. You can’t be free. You don’t have the basic civil liberties anymore.

You have to take a corporate product from a corporation that’s being bankrolled by a couple of billionaires who are in the media, selling their wares every five minutes like bill and Melinda Gates.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 07:36

They’ve been doing this to Africa for years, ladies and gentlemen, but nobody in the West cared. They said, Oh, it’s just the Africans.

In the back of your mind, you’re probably thinking of that. And that’s okay because it’s not us. Is it? They’re done colonizing the “third world”. Now they’re colonizing – you. The first world.

It’s a private public partnership, but the private side has seized control of everything. Private interests are running.

The WHO, the World Health Organization bought and paid for by private interests. There is nothing public about it anymore. Anybody that thinks there is, you’re delusional.

Who’s the number one funder of the world health organization? It’s an oligarch. It’s an oligarch, who’s got billions invested in the vaccine industry who is a Malthusian whose dad’s a Malthusian, who’s responsible for untold devastation.

Just go look at who’s behind the polio vaccine that’s been ravaging Africa. Deadly polio sweeping through many countries, bankrolled by WHO. Put two and two together. If you can’t do that, well, I can’t help you.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 09:17

So anyway, we’re told, Oh, it’s not happening. It’s not happening. It will never happen. There’ll be an avalanche of lawsuits. I was told by somebody, Oh, you shouldn’t be talking about it. When I hear that, I know, okay, fine. I’m talking to a bonafide gatekeeper.

There is no bigger issue than this. There is no bigger issue. You have to understand something. That after you’ve kept the public down intentionally in lockdown and the government knew damn well there was no virus ravaging. People were not dropping dead in the street.

And it came out this week. Even in the UK, I have it in front of me, the Daily Mail. It’s on the front page – Demands For Inquiry As Families Reveal Loved Ones Wrongly Certified As Virus Victims, Wrongly Labeled Covid Deaths. Four page spread.

They sat on this story for 11 months. Cause now that the job’s done, the job’s done. The government controls the supply and demand. What is the supply? Well, if you keep people locked in their homes and deprive them of every normal facet of their daily life, deprive the children of education. I mean, absolutely destroying society and doing it intentionally and in a concerted effort together with government and media, the government media complex, the government controls the supply of freedom.

And so they also have created by lockdowns, by shutting travel down, they’ve created a demand. For what? Well summer’s coming up. Everybody’s hoping to book their holiday, to see family members. They have created an artificial demand for travel, for vacation, for holidays, for family reunions, artificial.

They’ve created an artificial demand for a vaccine by floating out stories of shortages. How many times have we seen this in the last six months? Of course, that motivates the consumer-conditioned Western mind that Oh, there’s going to be a shortage of something you better. You better run out and get in line for it. Like toilet paper or vaccines. It’s very easy to play. People like fiddles.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 12:20

So the government controls the supply and the demand of both sides of that equation. So they have engineered a situation where people who wouldn’t normally entertain an involuntary medical procedure being forced on them for something they clearly know they don’t need.

They’re being forced to capitulate and think that, well, what can we do? We have to give in. Because too few cared and even fewer fought.

What’s amazing is while this is happening, there’s actually a growing movement rejecting this. There’s more than one massive petition.

One of them’s got hundreds of thousands of signatures already. To trigger a debate in the comments, I know a lot of people are saying, Whoa, it’s just, democracy’s dead.

The point is, depending on how you look at it, it’s either over and you’ve lost or it’s just starting. It’s just beginning. And the real choices, which way do you view the situation as?

Do you view the battle is as over and lost or just starting?

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 14:02

And that really speaks volumes about your worldview. This isn’t just about Britain. It’s about every country on the planet.

If you’re in the US, it’s about all 50 states. Because we said this from the beginning, those who’ve listened to the show know what I’m talking about. If one university requires it, they all have to require it.

If one state does it, they all have to do it. But the paradox of that situation is if one person protests, one state protests, one city, one university, one mainstream columnist. Then all of a sudden, the agenda’s in turmoil. It’s potentially in limbo.

You need to have everybody on board. Everybody that matters. Everybody that’s “influential”, because one dissenter is a wrench in the works. That’s the paradox of this situation.

We all have family that we might have to pass over great barriers to travel, to get to. Now great barriers. They weren’t barriers before, but they are now.

Somebody who is already well into the curve on this. And so here’s a short clip from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I believe this was from a press conference in Germany, in Berlin, just in late 2020.

Listen to RFK Jr. and you’ll know what we’re really up against.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ➝ 16:29

We are at an inflection point, I believe, in human history. We are at the most critical inflection point that humanity has ever accounted.

For many years. Totalitarian authoritarian states have used the power of fear to engineer compliance in populations.

I grew up understanding what happened in world war II in our country and during the Nuremberg trials, Hermann Goering was asked by the prosecutor, how did you make the German people comply?

And Goering said, it’s not just Germany. This works in any country, whether it’s a fascist country or a communist country or a monarchy or democracy.

All the rulers need to do is to tell people that there’s something they need to be fearful of. Point a finger at that source of their fear, and you can make human beings do anything you want. You can make them go to their slaughter like sheep.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ➝ 17:35

You can make them obey. What the biosecurity agenda and people like bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and Davos and all of these people who are running now, the global economy, they have understood for years that they have a power that no totalitarian government has ever had available to it.

And now they have a source of fear that is the most pervasive and all-in compensating power that they’ve ever had, which is the fear of pandemics. Governments love pandemics, the same way that they love Wars. As it gives them power, it gives them the, it gives them control and it gives them the capacity to impose obedience on human beings.

And today we have an inflection of new technologies that give governments the capacity to impose controls on populations that have never been imagined before in human history, any time in history.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 18:52

So, you know, I’m coming at that issue as are many people I’m seeing on social media. Many mainstream people are coming awake on this, by the way. That it’s about right and wrong.

The pandemic is wrong. How it’s been portrayed is wrong. It’s based on a fraudulent pretext, a fraudulent premise. the PCR testing is epic fraud on a global scale. There’s people lined up for billions of dollars in contracts. They’re printing money, whether it’s in PPE, whether it’s in vaccines, whether it’s in you name it.

From here to the moon, it’s wrong. Their government response to this so-called pandemic has been wrong. Everything from A to Z, everything they’ve done has been wrong.

And vaccine passports are wrong.

It’s wrong.

It’s wrong.

So if you oppose a war in Iraq, or you oppose Tony Blair’s wars in Iraq, this is no different. This is war. It’s only the establishment has declared war on the people. That’s the only difference.

The war has come home to roost. You know, you have to choose your side morally, ethically.

And you know, if you’re being attacked, if your country, if your neighbors, your family, if you’re all being attacked in various ways, in very complex and nuanced ways as well, you have to decide whether you support what’s right, or what is absolutely obviously patently wrong.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 21:05

And there should really be no discussion about that. But this is a discussion that a lot of people are struggling with. And okay, we’ve all struggled with this, but let’s just stop and call a spade a spade.

Let’s just call it like it is, this is the biggest con – ever. And you are going to, you oppose them for every yard of the length of that football field with your blood, sweat, and tears. And you’re just going to wave them into the end zone at the end, because you want to go on vacation for two weeks and get drunk on the beach.

Patrick Henningsen ➝ 21:49

Is that really what life and human civilization comes down to at the end of the day?

Because if it is, well, I don’t even want to go there. The history books will write the rest. But it’s not written yet. So we all need to take this very, this is very real.

It’s coming. It’s already halfway down the pipeline. Whether it goes all the way is going to be up to everybody out there and everybody you know, and everybody they know.

It’s not a fait accompli. It’s only a fait accompli if you allow it to be, so this isn’t over and it’s going to be a long, hard battle, ladies and gentlemen, that really depends.

Depends on whether people are going to wake up and smell the coffee or not.


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