Israel is Under a Medical Apartheid — Illana Rachel Daniel

illana rachel daniel

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Illana Rachel Daniel is a Rapeh party candidate.

Rapeh was founded by Arieh Avni, a medical doctor who is deeply concerned that Israel has spent more time in lockdown than any other country, has decimated its economy, and yet continues to have a high COVID-19 infection rate. Israel has seen 6,100 covid-related deaths in a population of 9.7 million people.

According to his party literature, Avni’s aim is “to cure the Ministry of Health’s years of injustices that have reached their peak during 2020-2021 and are manifested by unbearable medical coercion and the violation of human rights: lockdown, social distancing, cellular location tracking, the green passport, the wearing of masks, the destruction of the economy and public deception.”

Avni wants to overhaul the health system to focus on preventative treatments, improving the health of the overall population, and strengthening their immune systems. As a medical doctor, Avni believes this would significantly reduce the impact of the pandemic.

Illana Rachel Daniel has made numerous factual errors with regards to mRNA based vaccines. For example she has claimed elsewhere that they are not a vaccine but are instead “medical devices” – untrue. She has also claimed that they represent “genetic engineering” – untrue, and anyone interested should listen to the interview I did with Liz Parrish. Liz was the first human to genetically modify themselves.

However Illana is correct that the vaccines are experimental, confer risk, and that there is no scientific reason to vaccinate everyone. If you think otherwise, please feel free to contact me with justification.

Only the vulnerable should be offered vaccination. The vaccines do not confer ‘sterilizing immunity’ – you can still transmit the virus once vaccinated.

I’ve included Illana as she illuminates the present situation that Israel has descended into a medical tyranny, and that it represents a model to be rolled out across the globe. It is highly likely that other nations will now force/coerce annual experimental medical treatments upon their populations, in exchange for temporal restoration of some civil liberties.

It is likely that under the guise of “coronavirus” the population of Earth will be assigned a “global ID” and will have a “health status” attached to it.

It’s very very odd, particularly since the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is around that of influenza (~0.15%, whereas influenza according to Fauci is ~0.1%).

Video source is James Delingpole podcast March 5th, 20221. I trimmed it to 34 mins from 51 mins (without losing anything meaningful). I also added two graphics to accentuate the points being made.


Host ➝ 00:00 (Clip 1)

I have been really shocked with what is going on in Israel, which seems to be pushing these so-called vaccines more aggressively than any country on earth. So tell me about what’s going on, Illana.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 00:13

Yeah. So I agree with everything you’re saying, the thing I think it’s so important to understand is that what’s happening here is… it is very specifically happening in Israel because we’re kind of the heart of what’s – so I’ll get to that in a minute, but it is not specific to Israeli politics or Israel… as the richness of the land and the things that you’re talking about that can’t be sullied by what’s happening.

But what is happening is since December, they have implemented, and again, there’s no choice. They just decided unilaterally. They signed, our government under Benjamin Netanyahu, signed a contract, and we’ve only seen a redacted version of, with Pfizer that literally sold his people to be the guinea pigs of the world. And everyone in the world knows that except for us.

So it’s been a program that has done so crudely, I mean, just there’s, it’s kind of impossible to draw the picture of literally just like you take a big fat crayon and just say… they just decided from one day to next that everybody would be vaccinated.

There’s no informed consent. There is no risk benefit analysis. There is absolutely zero understanding of the undertaking and it’s very deliberate because were there any, then you wouldn’t be able to get out these mass numbers.

And we know there’s a quota, there was a penalty clause and they have numbers that they need to see filled and they’re going to make darn sure that that happens at the end. Again, when I say crude, I mean, they’re offering people pizza. Come and get a free slice of pizza if you get your shot. It’s madness.

And when I say that, and I have relatives in the States who have taken this injection with some more thought, and they were given a stack of papers, you know. Here’s side effects to look out for. Here’s the number to call. Here, you get your injection. You wait 15 minutes. Science is done. It’s proven. Go on your way. And there is no data being collected. So that’s the shortest version [laughter].

Host ➝ 02:23

Oh no, Illana, you’ve spelled it out very clearly there. And look, I mean, let’s cut to the chase here. The Jewish people are kind of the last people on earth you would imagine that it’s right for this kind of experimentation to be forced on. It’s, I mean, have we forgotten what happened in 1944, 45?

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 02:55

Yeah, the thing is it’s like, you know, when I start off with this, do I think that specifically Pfizer picked this? I mean, there’s reasons, there’s logical reasons that Israel was chosen for this experimentation because we’re this little hermetically sealed environment.

“they just decided from one day to next that everybody would be vaccinated.”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

We have decades of perfectly meticulously recorded medical history that they can blame any side effects on. And you have our very ambitious prime minister who wants to be with the big boys. So there’s a lot of reasons, but the personalness, again, it’s so personal on levels, spiritual and historical that the Jewish people are chosen in their homeland. You can’t, it cannot be a more personal – looking for the word in English – betrayal, you know, and you have literally, you actually have people who survived the Holocaust only to be injected experimentally in their homeland.

This place was, it’s supposed to be our refuge. And we’re being attacked by our own people. If you drew a picture, you couldn’t have made it more meticulously painful.

Host ➝ 04:13 (Clip 2)

One of the knowledge things about the vaccine, which is why I think – not just the Pfizer one, but I think the AstraZeneca one, as well – is that they are not recommended for pregnant women. And there have been miscarriages. Not just pregnant women, but women considering getting pregnant. And yet here you are. Can they really be wanting to inject this stuff into the entire Israeli population, children as well, women of childbearing age, and…

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 04:47

Yeah, everyone has gotten it. Everyone. They have told children in schools down the road from me in Jerusalem, 16 year old kids who have no ability to make a decision, 16 year old kids, you can’t take your matriculation exams if you don’t come with this injection in your body. It’s absolute madness.

What grandparent would want to risk their grandchildren’s lives. It’s just, the whole thing is so obvious. All of this getting to the answers is really quite linear. If you ask one question, it takes you on a very straight line to where we are today. Seeing that this, the corruption that’s much bigger than specifically Israel. That’s very clearly by all of our leaders. Most of the leaders worldwide have very clearly an agenda. And we know that what’s happening here is the model.

We know that again, I want it to be clear that that Israel and the Jewish people, I know that there’s so much misunderstanding about what happens here in Israel, and historically, but to understand that what’s happening, regardless of people’s political understandings, that we have, we’ve always been the canary in the coal mine. That’s just the job that the Jewish people have always, we have this job to reflect to the world.

And when there’s rot with us, there’s rot in the world. That’s just how it goes. That’s just how it goes historically. Like it’s just what it is.

So we know that the model, we will be used as the model very specifically, again, whether it just happened because we had these great medical records. It’s very specific that we are happening here.

And we know, and my call to the world to saying, this is our chance to be human in a way that we have never had, where they’re pushing past all our divisions, where we don’t have to be left, or right, or religious or Muslim, we get to be humans. We get to really connect and say, we are stronger than the few. You know, these few up top have had their agendas.

And if we can do that, it’s tremendous. And understanding that fighting for Israel, standing up, it is a fight for yourself. We know that here, we know that this battle that they must see through, they want, they have to see this program succeed here, because we’re going to be the model for the rest of the world. And so the pressure for it to come in is greater than it’s ever been. You know, these entities that we’re up against. Pharmaceutical, the government, the Great Reset type things. It’s got to work here, you know? So that’s why we need this global recruit.

Host ➝ 07:46

You mean, in a way that you have to crush the Jews first because the sort of symbolic purposes. And because yeah, I sort of see that, but I mean, it does sound like a Nazi experiment. I, there’s no way of getting round it. It’s like, I mean, the future of Jewish survival, reproduction and stuff, if you’re injecting these, they’re not vaccines, they’re this experimental therapy, into young Jewish. It horrifies me. I can’t believe I’m living in a time where such things could be possible.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 08:30

It’s mind blowing, you know, cause we all say never again. We all read 1984, you know, we all were so sure we’d be diligent. You know, we’re looking over here to be diligent, should these things happen? And in the meantime, it’s happening over here and we’re seeing. But no, we’ve got to, because there’s this virus, you know.

And what’s even more painful is that people who we respect, you know, we love, our relatives, our neighbours, are validating these horrific things. We’re this frog in the pot being boiled up and pretending it’s not that hot yet. It’s not that hot.

“Seeing that this, the corruption that’s much bigger than specifically Israel… Most of the leaders worldwide have very clearly an agenda. And we know that what’s happening here is the model.”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

They’ve got a reason, you know, like trying to breathe above the water. It’s madness. And the thing is, what woke me up at the very beginning was kind of like a shot up in bed type of thing that I realized at the beginning of this.

I mean, for me, I’ve been in the vaccine safety world for a while. So it wasn’t a surprise that this agenda was happening, but when it came on and the way they just, there’s no choice here. Other places in Europe and in America, it’s kind of like, Oh, would you please come and take this vaccine you really have to take. But here they’re just like smack, choke, you know?

And if you don’t, you don’t get to work. You don’t get to be… Healthy, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are not allowed into the museums that we support because we didn’t take an experimental injection that has no existing safety studies. We’ve lost our collective minds. We can’t go to our choir groups we’ve been with for years.

I just want to say that for me, the wake up call was that this is what a Holocaust looks like in 2021. We don’t do bang, bang, shoot it out anymore. This is it. This is for real, this is what war looks like today. It’s the war of your mind and of your body. This is the last, last, last terrain. And they know that.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 10:27 (Clip 3)

And this switching over of science as an absolute, you must pledge your allegiance. You know, it’s an ideology as opposed to a dynamic learning process that you must necessarily unroot yourself, according to the data and the evidence in front of you. But we’ve lost that entirely. You’re not allowed to question the vaccines, even though there’s a lot of reasons to look for improvements in them.

Host ➝ 10:56

Tell me about your specific concerns with this new generation of – I’m not going to call them vaccines, cause they’re not, they’re jabs, aren’t they. Tell me what your research is.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 10:27

I mean, and again, and I want to say that that’s not… The whole argument that I make personally even before this is not about being a pro or anti. Everybody wants to make it this… We don’t live, we talk in black and white, but we live in shades of gray.

“the wake up call was that this is what a Holocaust looks like in 2021… It’s the war of your mind and of your body. This is the last, last, last terrain.”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

This is talking about improving on a product that we’re mandating for every newborn child up until today. This is the discussion we must have. So if everybody wants to stick you in a box, but that’s not the box that I’m talking from.

I’m talking about getting against coercion, I’m talking about making the best use of science and technology that’s available to us. So mRNA, and I’m not a scientist and I am not a doctor, but mRNA has a history of, they’ve never made it out of the stage three animal trials because all the animals, rabbits, cats, monkeys, ferrets, all drop dead of ADE.

A cytokine storm, this pathogenic priming, which basically means it sort of, they take the vaccine, everything seems okay. And then when they’re introduced to the wild virus, the virus in the wild, then the body has an extreme inflammatory process. And generally they died. They’d never been able to, they’ve never tested this out on the public exactly for that reason. They know exactly what’s going to happen.

You know, there’s a great fear, like you’ve said already, of fertility, the sensitin one and the similarities between the antibodies. We know that we’re concerned about, I mean, auto immune is literally the body not recognizing its own proteins. And we’re literally making, adding the synthetic pathogenic part of the spike protein into the cellular system. We have no idea.

“Healthy, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are not allowed into the museums that we support because we didn’t take an experimental injection”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

And the fact that we’re making a second class citizen, I mean, literally in medical apartheid, literally based on wishful thinking at best. We don’t think. They’re telling me that our point is anti-science when you literally have doctors saying, we don’t, it doesn’t look like, we don’t think it will happen. Well, that’s lovely [laughter], but you can’t tell me there’s enough science to base something on when we know that corona only came into our lives a year ago, but yet this vaccine that was stuck in a vial within eight weeks time is enough to decide that we are anti-scientific and we can’t associate with our communities anymore. It’s a complete madness that’s happened.

Host ➝ 13:44

Yes. I understand that it’s an experimental substance until 2023. So anyone who takes it now is in the experimental phase. And as you say, there is that massive worry about ADE. I just wanted to reference, I’m just going to look it up now, that this piece that was in new analysis, Pfizer vaccine killed about 40 times more elderly than the disease itself would have killed.

It says a reanalysis of data from the Israeli health ministry concluded Pfizer’s COVID vaccine killed about 40 times more elderly people than the disease itself would’ve killed during the recent five week vaccination period. And 260 times more younger people than would have died from the virus. Now, that is just terrifying.

I mean, it’s at a website called Children’s Health Defense. And these guys who’ve done this report are kosher. It’s by a guy called Hervé Seligmann, a member of the faculty of medicine, emerging infectious and tropical diseases at Aix-Marseille University and engineer Haim Yativ. These are not fools. They’ve done their research, and this is just the beginning [note: The data showed that the majority of COVID-19 deaths in vaccinated people occurred in those who had received only one dose. The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses to achieve its full efficacy].

“And the fact that we’re making a second class citizen, I mean, literally in medical apartheid”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

I mean, we haven’t even had the ADE effect yet. So we’ve already got excess mortality just from reactions to these jabs. And if these people encounter the wild virus, we know that there could be this weird antibody reaction where instead of protecting you from the virus, it actually exaggerates its effects. So I can see why you’re reluctant to take it. Tell me, have you found kind of solidarity, are there other people like you in Israel?

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 15:56

So there are. Well, there are people speaking out more and more. How do I say this? There are, but Israel seems to have a unique situation where we don’t see the sort of power of the people on the streets because of the nature of Israel, which I, myself, am trying to understand where you have a population that’s really been very uniquely dependent on the government being this little island on itself.

So the trust that’s with the government is sort of stronger in a way than you have in some bigger countries. You have a profound dependency on the government, as well as everybody goes to the army. This is not an army where you have these kinds of stereotype of people. This is everybody’s kids. They go, they come home with piles of laundry and they eat a ton of food and they sleep for the weekend. They go back. You know, we’re all the same. It’s all the same population. So having people speak out has been different. We’ve seen it very differently than what we’ve seen in Europe. You know. We’ve seen a couple of thousands of people, as opposed to the 10 thousands you want to see riding in the streets, you know?

Host ➝ 17:23

Yes, you’re sort of like a giant kibbutz, aren’t you? Yeah. Everyone’s sort of pulling together and everyone does the military service and probably are used to taking orders, are used to obey orders ultimately for the greater good of the state.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 17:39

Well, so I mean, our lives have depended on it. You know, if somebody’s attacking, it’s not such an unusual thing. I mean, you have to be able to depend on your government who says, go into your basement or whatever it is, you know, I mean, there’s, there’s there’s been a very necessary, like in, we literally like existing in an Island here with a whole lot of, there’s just been a very necessary necessity for survival.

But the data that you were talking about is, is it, I mean, it will still be coming up because like I said, you have no real collection of the data. I wonder myself what Pfizer is getting out of it. I mean, obviously there, the real data that I imagined that Pfizer wants to see, they’re not even getting, because like I said, there’s nothing being collected.

At least to my knowledge, you have, I have a contact with people inside medical centers here and they see what they see. 40 year olds, a lot of heart issues happening, even in the vaers. They saw that 40 something year old people dropping dead of attack a day or two later, but there’s no connection. There’s no connection. God, for anybody who gets a shot to the head, you know, and dies, he dies of corona, but anybody who was taking the vaccine and, and clearly has a, you know, a catastrophic reaction, it’s just absolutely coincidence every time.

So, and I see, I hear some really gut gut wrenching things that are happening inside our hospitals. You know, these things can only happen if you have an army to soldiers to carry out your, your orders.

Host ➝ 19:17

Oh my goodness. Tell me, tell me first of all, has there been any resistance from within parliament at all? Any of your MPS or anyone?

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 19:28

Nothing. I mean, no. Well, it’s not fair to say there’s been, you know, there’s been a few lone voices of sanity and they quickly… there was one woman Sasha, she, and they immediately took her out of the corona committee. You know, we also have a 30 year, they put in a 30 year confidentiality act [between government and Pfizer]. We can’t know anything. Not only are they doing the most extreme policy implementation anywhere on the planet, we don’t even have a clue what they’re saying in it, 30 years.

And that’s literally, you know, talking about politics, which is a dirty word. It’s a dirty word in my mouth. I personally have done a fantastic job of avoiding politics my whole life, because it’s, it’s the house of lies. It’s, it’s temporary based on, you know? And so the fact that I have joined this party literally only because it is solely a human rights movement is it’s not right or left.

Everybody keeps saying, well, what do you think about this? I was just like, this is not the, this is a, the house is on fire. We’ll talk about rearranging the furniture some other time. We only want to get into the health ministry. We only talk about transparent science. We only talk about no more lockdowns, no insane green passport, no forced, anything. Even vitamin D, vitamin D can be mean the meaning of life or death, your vitamin D levels. But I am not going to force my Israeli beloved citizens to take vitamin D because I’m just going to give them the information.

They could have some responsibility for their own health, you know, to make these kinds of information ubiquitous the way every little sign on the door is put your mask on. You know, how about some actual information of how to prepare your body.

Host ➝ 21:28

All the know, any kind of sort of cantankerous contrarian old-school is rainy gem less so righteous when he bought, he liked all sorts of media figures who are, who are, who are pointing this out? Are you all alone?

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 19:28

Well, there are like when I’m starting to connect, I think the biggest challenges, especially in Israel that’s why also, so what, like, we’re starting to make the connections because you have little groups, two and four and eight and 10, you know, so I think finally now it’s, it’s the, as far as the journalists, I, that I haven’t seen, although in all honesty I don’t get my news from the mainstream media, you know, so, but but people are starting more and more to talk the, that the, the protests are finally gaining some, some strength and and that’s why it’s, it really is crucial. But they are cut off. You can’t say a word about it in the media.

You cannot suggest that this is not the most fantastic thing, but it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s complete, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s people who were beloved in the media before saying, Hey guys, can you, can you mandate something that has death as a side effect? And they’re, you know, off with his head completely.

“for anybody who gets a shot to the head, you know, and dies, he dies of corona, but anybody who was taking the vaccine and, and clearly has a, you know, a catastrophic reaction, it’s just absolutely coincidence every time.”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

So, yeah, but it’s happening. I had a call this morning, so it’s happening. I think that, I think that it’s very powerful for the first time reaching out to the international community for me, feels, I feel hope in a way that I haven’t, because this is, this is how we win.

I, I, you know, Peter, some people will say, Oh, the sheep. And I don’t, I can’t think like that because I, the only way so far that I’ve come up with to overcome these incredibly powerful forces is if all the people stand up, that’s what they want. That’s why they’re separating us. We are the many, and they are the few, but if we get together really from the inside and out, they can’t stop us. We’re in charge.

Host ➝ 23:37

Totally agree. I totally agree. And what the situation you described about the media is exactly the same in the UK. And I think in the U S probably too. But there is not a single newspaper that is arguing against this, this, this craziness, and even w one of our, one of our bleeding, tabloid newspapers at the weekend, the mail on Sunday had a full page spread telling its readers. So include people like my mother, telling them that these vaccines vaccines, as they call them were absolutely safe. And just, just ramming home the message and also ramming home the propaganda line that people who didn’t like the vaccine work, anti-vaxxers conspiracy, theorists, this kind of thing. So they, they both picked up the vaccine while simultaneously vilifying anyone who opposed it and making them pariahs. Now you tell me a bit more about, about the pariah status of people who won’t take the vaccine. So you can’t go into museums. I’ve seen the photographs of deck chairs on the beach, where it said, you can only sit here if you’ve had a vaccine. So give me a few other examples.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 24:45

That’s it, we have, I get calls from people. I can’t go to the choir, my choir, that I’ve been a part of for six years. I can’t do my, you can’t go to the choir. I can’t join my pool. They won’t even give me my money back from my membership to the pool that they won’t let me in anymore.

Israel Deckchairs

Host ➝ 25:05

With, with loads of chlorine in the water when you couldn’t possibly catch this, this

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 25:11

Exactly, exactly [laughter]. You can’t get into your pools in the gyms, you know, they’ve kind of made it. So I think so they were put malls on the table to, to keep us out of an, Oh maybe only some are adhering and some aren’t you have some businesses it’s still playing out because again, it’s all, well, there’s no, there’s no science here that this is based on. So it’s all Willy Nilly, but you know, it changes every day.

This morning, they’re going to not let you in here, but what’s happening actually is on a terrifying level at the airports. Just this morning, there was a man who wrote up his personal experience coming into the airport and his mother having been a survivor from Auschwitz. And he literally felt like he was in a selection. It was literally, did you have the vaccine or have you recovered from the virus, go to the right?

And if you haven’t, you go to the left, you get this thing jammed up your nose and they ship you off to these filthy corona hotels. You’re like a prisoner in your own state.

I saw even it’s it’s and they’ve, or you can use, or I think in some cases, again, I can’t be completely specific because it changes from minute to minute, or they give you this security ankle bracelet, which you get to pay the privilege of having a, being a prisoner in your own home, 2000 shekels, her leg, you know to, to, to be monitored in your own home. And if you don’t and it’s, and it’s quite, it’s quite a physical, there’s been some pestles at the airport, you know, women in children and it’s, it’s insane. It’s insane.

It, you know, the truth is, and I, I heard even from Canada, that Trudeau also was said some pretty crazy, crazy, crazy things as well about, about anybody coming in internationally, what they’ll do. So whether that may not be unique, it’s absolutely being implemented as we speak. Yes, yes. Yeah. And also as well. So in that, in the schools, they are rolling out this program where if you want to participate in your schools, you have to get this swab.

And if one kid tests positive, the whole class is out. So it’s mad. It’s people who are not, you have, they’re pushing you to the extreme. So people who even wouldn’t question vaccines before are saying, this is so you know, it’s such a, it’s so extreme, it’s suspicious, suspicious. Yeah.

Host ➝ 27:39

If, if the, if COVID was such a problem, people would be, you know, if you were in serious risk of dying from COVID, which, which most of us really aren’t, they wouldn’t need to empower the state to do all this stuff to you that you’d be, you be queuing up anyway. So how did the people in your choir group react? I mean, do they miss you too? Have you had conversations with them?

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 28:10

This was a friend of mine. I’m not in the choir group, but it was a friend of mine who literally was crying to me. They think this one bit of joy that she had, they just simply, I help people are justifying this. I, I it’s still the whole thing. It’s still, the people are still sending me the same kind of pictures is, you know people crowding together.

Do you think this is right? It’s still this blindness as if corona is the reason behind it is. And, but those kinds of people, I there’s, there’s not enough. If you’re still in that shroud, I think that this is not sort of that energy, that I’ve got the time, right. This minute to focus on. It’s sort of the people who are sitting at home going something doesn’t feel right, and let’s argue, let’s bring articulation to that, to what you’re seeing, what you’re feeling.

Those are the people that right now need to join joined this, this movement people who still imagine that this is all about a virus that we could have solved in March with with ubiquitous treatments that have been in use since the 1970s.

It’s, it’s again, it’s this whole idea, which, which I think that if you asking people, it’s a very linear sort of answer to get to the point where our governments know that there’s treatments, that we have, there’s treatments that we know that work, that have been denied us, you know, in order to be able to, you can’t have experimental treatment, if you have treatments that work. So this emergency authorized treatment is, is absolutely.

“… his mother having been a survivor from Auschwitz. And he literally felt like he was in a selection. It was literally, did you have the vaccine or have you recovered from the virus, go to the right?”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

We have been denied the things that could have saved thousands upon thousands of lives, vitamin D, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, we’ve been drastically broken. We’ve been denied those points quite deliberately. And if you ask those questions and it, it tears the whole structure down, and I think it’s, it’s too painful. People have lost so much this year.

It’s like, it’s some people just, they can’t go any further and asking those questions, it’s just taking too much. You know, we’ve all been good. We, we invested decades into this whole structure of society. It’s just asking too much of some people to, to go there. That’s.

Host ➝ 30:30

Now, before I forget, I mentioned this earlier, have you seen the, the charts of the deaths in the Palestinian Territories competitive with the Israel? Yeah. Much because you know, the Palestinians have not been given these, these so-called vaccines. And if you believe the narrative you’d think, well, this is Israel being denying the poor Palestinians that the lifesaver, but actually those Palestinians are very, very lucky because they’re not, they’re not dying on anything like the same scale that the spike for the, for deaths in Israel to do with the, the vaccine is, is shocking.

And there’s not, I mean, if ever you wanted an experiment where you’ve got these contiguous territories contiguous populations, very, very similar in many ways you know, climate and so on. And yet they’re not dying. The Palestinians are not dying. The Israelis are that’s, that’s, that’s shocking. I, I imagine that this is not something you’re going to, you’re going to see in the, in what, what are your papers, haircuts or, or whatever.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 31:40

Right? Exactly. Also as well, countries who never walked down countries that have never locked down, not one day – Japan, nobody even talks about Japan right next to China. Yeah. Right, right. Over there. Never a day. Shut down. Never forced anything. You know, we in Israel have sat in accumulative, five months of lockdown, five months.

Host ➝ 32:10

Are you allowed out to take exercise? How does it work?

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 32:12

So the it’s changed because of course everything changes. So the first one, we weren’t the very first one, you remember the good days back in the first lockdown, that was only a hundred or the a hundred meters.

We were allowed from our house, a hundred meters and a hundred meters, a thousand meters. It was, we had to be tethered to the house. And it was very, very extreme. We could only go to the grocery store, what it was, it was something. And then, and then the previous ones, then they kind of come up and down and they messed around with it. They have jerked everybody around to the point that they’ve lost their minds. You go to school, you tell children, they can go to school. And by the next morning, no, we’ve changed our minds. You can’t green zones, red zones. It’s so we say, Israel-Bella gun.

It’s, it’s a mess. It’s a massive mess. So the last one, the third one, which we’re still in, I don’t even know we’re still in it. We’re not in it. And again, you could only go a thousand meters from your house. And then they finally loosened it. So you could do exercise. You can only take your mask off. Now you can take it off. If you’re doing exercise, I’m always doing exercise. Yeah. I’ve always got my sneakers on wherever I’m going now [laughter].

But but yeah, it’s, it’s insane. You can’t do anything. Who’s essential. Who’s not essential. You have people that I, since October, I know, I know a guy who says I’m still in second lockdown. He has a, a coffee house in Tel Aviv. And they’ve never opened since October. Anyway,

Host ➝ 32:35

It’s extraordinary. I just want to kill your whole society and your whole culture. So what are you going to do? I mean, are you going to, can you escape? I mean, do you want to escape? Was it, what, what, what future do you see in, in, in this tyranny? Cause that’s what it is.

Illana Rachel Daniel ➝ 33:53

That’s a really hard question because I’ve never in the nearly 24 years that I’ve lived here, never considered leaving.

“And then they finally loosened it. So you could do exercise. You can only take your mask off. Now you can take it off. If you’re doing exercise, I’m always doing exercise. Yeah. I’ve always got my sneakers on wherever I’m going now [laughter].”

Illana Rachel Daniel

Rapeh party candidate

Listen to this. This is my, this is I can’t go anywhere else because this is, this is my home in a way, that’s it. I can’t express it on a personal, my life experience level. And also as a Jew, you’re plugged in here. This is where this is where I’m meant to be. This is where I can best do whatever work in the world. I, there is nowhere else to go. And if there was, I mean, porta, apparently Florida is the only place left in the world to go.

They’re living lives normally there, but I CA I can’t leave. This is, this is our fight. I can’t think ahead. It’s like, everything is completely opaque. You know, I have no idea. I think all of us in the world, we don’t have any idea what the future’s going to hold. So it’s like, you have this little candle and you’re just like one step forward. One step forward. All I know is I can just, all I can do is fight with everything I can and I’ll see what happens,

Host ➝ 34:55

Ilana. I totally respect your, your spirit.


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