Wuhan Institute of Virology ‘Highly Probably’ the Source of COVID-19′ (David Asher) — Sky News Mar 21 2021

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The former lead investigator who spearheaded a taskforce for the US government into the origins of COVID-19 has declared the virus may have been the result of work done for a biological weapons program in Wuhan.

David Asher – a now senior fellow at the Hudson Institute – spoke to Sky News about investigations into the origins of COVID-19 and suspicions as to who may have been first infected with the virus in Wuhan.

He spoke of work undertaken at the Wuhan Institute of Virology as well as the theory it may have developed SARS-COV-2 while working on a potential coronavirus vaccine.

The possible vaccine was potentially being developed as an antidote to a bioweapen, he said.

“Whether they were developing this vaccine, if it exists, as an antidote … hard to know,” he told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“There’s going to be the need for a huge global investigation, well beyond the WHO”.

He said events and information have arisen which “made us feel the Wuhan Institute was highly probably the source of the COVID epidemic”.

#David Asher

David Asher is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute. His work focuses on U.S. foreign policy in Asia, economic and financial policy toward U.S. state adversaries, strategic law enforcement, and high technology development.

Dr. Asher has advised the U.S. government on countering money laundering, terrorism financing, and sanctions evasion schemes as well as campaigns to undermine nation-state and terrorist adversaries. He has developed and conducted whole of government investigations into international issues involving nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons development and proliferation. Over the last 25 years, he has played a senior role in economic and financial pressure campaigns involving terrorist organizations, drug cartels, and weapons proliferation networks.

Most recently in 2020 he served at the State Department, advising and supporting investigations into nuclear biological and chemical weapons proliferation and development issues. At State, he spearheaded a task force for the Office of the Secretary looking into the origins of COVID 19 and the role of the Chinese government.

Dr. Asher has a doctorate in international relations from Oxford University and was a College Scholar at Cornell University as an undergraduate. He is fluent in Japanese. He has over two decades of experience working in the international financial community, including advising global hedge funds on Japan and Asia strategy. He is co-founder of Sayari Labs, a financial intelligence and commercial data provider, and a Strategic Advisor and Limited Partner at OMX Ventures.


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