After figuring out in spring 2020 that mainstream media was deceptively reporting coronavirus, and that government interventions were destructive and non-scientific, I put business largely on-hold. My level of concern has risen every day since.

I now sincerely believe that we’re heading towards corporate fascism and global technocratic medical tyranny. I’m very concerned about our future.


Disclaimer: My cause is five-fold. Struggle to maintain the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty. Second, the protection of sufficiently broad public discourse. Third, the protection of scientific discovery, a process which requires the free exchange of ideas. Fourth, provision of counterbalance to propaganda, namely biased or misleading information provided by mainstream media, typically in support of a political cause or point of view. Fifth, an extra voice for the more vulnerable in society; children, elderly, the sick and the poor.


Disclosures: None. Zero political affiliation. I’ve never voted in my life, in order not to implicitly endorse any political party or system by means of participation. All I consider fundamentally broken. I lose significant time (and therefore money) with this cause.